Brews and Board Games is a free event to attend! If you like coming to it, here are some ways you can support the event and its continued existence.

Buy drinks and food

The reason our venues invite us to come out every month is because they are businesses, and would like us to buy things from them. Please buy drinks and food from the bar so that Brews and Board Games is worth it for our venues to continue having us there. A small percentage of your purchases are passed on to Brews and Board Games to cover costs, so by buying from the bar you are supporting the event you love in two ways!

Buy a can koozie

koozieYou can support Brews and Board Games directly by buying one of these bitchin’ beer/soda can koozies! They are $3 which you can pay in cash, via PayPal, or ChangeTip. You can pay and obtain a koozie at any Brews and Board Games event in either location. If there is other B&BG merch you’d like to see, tell Martine!

Donate Cheap Ass Prizes

One of the biggest recurring costs of this event is the Cheap Ass Prizes that you know and love. Our Actual Good Prizes are donated by local game and toy stores, but all Cheap Ass Prizes are purchased out of pocket by Martine.

So if you’d like to donate Cheap Ass Prizes it would be a great support to the event. Some good Cheap Ass Prize ideas are individually wrapped candy, small toys, mini travel games, stickers, temporary tattoos, notepads, costume jewelry, gag gifts, etc.

If you would like to donate some Cheap Ass Prizes please approach Martine at an event, or email her if you have a larger volume of prizes that may require some coordination. Please do not wrap prizes before donation!

Donate your time

One of the biggest tasks associated with this event is performing game inventory to make sure all the games are playable and complete. Martine goes through every game in her collection quarterly to count all the pieces, order replacements, and make repairs. Yes, every train in Ticket to Ride, every resource bit in Power Grid — she counts every single one of those pieces on a regular basis!

So if you’re playing Pictionary or Boggle and there’s no more paper in the box? Or the rules page in Bananagrams is missing or torn to shreds? The box for Ticket to Ride is starting to tear on the corner? Please approach Martine at the event to let her know, or email the info.

If you’d like to be even nicer, you can do a full inventory count before you put a game away after playing it at an event. Check the rule book (which for many games will contain an inventory list of everything included in the game) and count all the pieces when you are putting components away. Missing a piece of gold in Citadels, or a die in Risk? Write down the information of what is missing or damaged and in what game to give to Martine at the event, or email the info.

Make a monetary gift

A monetary gift of any amount just to be nice is also always appreciated. Your generosity goes toward maintenance of games (pieces get lost, games are accidentally walked off with, etc.) and purchasing Cheap Ass Prizes.

You can make a monetary gift by using ChangeTip, or logging into your PayPal account and sending money to

Donate games? Not right now!

People often ask if they can donate their old games, and a handful of the games in the Brews and Board Games collection are donated. We’re currently at full capacity and not accepting any further game donations.