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Baltimore-area game designers, if you would like to have your game featured at a future Brews and Board Games, get in touch! Whether you want play-testers or you want to demo your freshly published game, we’re up for anything to help support local designers.

Previously Featured

Can’t Catch Me, Olivia! by John Bintz
Designer John Bintz brought copies of his 2 to 4 player microgame, Can’t Catch Me, Olivia! Come play Can’t Catch Me, Olivia! If you enjoyed it, fund through the super short Kickstarter campaign!

Now you’ve done it…you pushed Olivia a little too far! Move Olivia around a self-destructing grid of 5×5 cards and have her catch your opponents before they have her catch you! Survive three rounds of play to be the winner!

Fans of Love Letter and Hey, That’s My Fish! will greatly enjoy this game. Players draw cards not from a deck, but from a board that Olivia starts the game in the middle of. Players can then move Olivia around the board by swapping her card with other cards. The board gets progressively smaller as the game goes on, a mechanic you need to use to your advantage to knock out other players or end rounds while you’re ahead on points. Drawn cards allow you to move Olivia, discard cards from the board, secretly swap the card in your hand with one on the board, and, eventually, have Olivia catch other players who are not protected by any cards between them and her! Every round the cards that are available change, so your strategy can switch between heavy offense, strategic card removals, and unofficial alliances with other players to knock out those who are further ahead. If two or more players survive the round, the values of their discarded cards determine the winner.

Cohado by Paulo Gregory
We playtested Cohado and gave feedback to designer Paulo Gregory! Loosely based on the structure of dominos, the two core “rules” of the game are, innovating and maximizing assets for the community (as represented by the circle of “co-ponents” or players), and minimizing waste (as represented by unused pieces). Players work collaboratively to develop an elegant solution to the challenge of the game, to utilize all pieces in an interlocking pattern that lifts the score as high as possible.

Cross Hares by 1A Games
Chris Williams of 1A Games demoed Cross Hares, an exciting new interactive fantasy adventure board game series for 2-4 players from artist-storyteller Jesse Labbé, co-creator of AmityInk’s acclaimed Berona’s War graphic novel series published by Archaia Entertainment. After it was published, 1A Games also brought a wonderful Cross Hares release party to Brews and Board Games!

Grab the Booty by Ben Jones
We played Ben Jones’ fantastic game Grab the Booty! Grab The Booty is a strategy card game for 2 pirates who match wits in the name of treasure. Don’t let the simple rules fool you, the deduction and bluffing in this 8 minute card game will have you grabbing booty all night long!

Les Cartes Misérables by Nick Ferris
Designer Nick Ferris demoed his 2-8 player tragic trick-taking game based on the characters of Victor Hugo’s beloved novel, Les Misérables. In addition, some lucky winners of the night got to take a copy home!

Party Poetry by Sheri and David Knauth
We played Party Poetry and gave our feedback to the designers! Party Poetry is a cooperative poetry writing game that spreads the love of writing and creativity while bringing people together in a party atmosphere. Whether it is funny or serious – the end results are always fun. A cooperative party game in which two or more people create a haiku or verse poem. Multiple versions were available (after dark, family, holiday, adult, Junior, etc.).

Phobos by BradSmo Games
We played Phobos and gave our feedback to designer Brad Smoley! Alien factions are vying for control of Mars’s moon’s mines. There’s special minerals in those mines that can be used for powering up your robot miners, or straight-up buying points to win the game. Phobos is for 2-4 players and plays in about 60-90 minutes (with tutorial).