Is there a cover?

This is a free community event! That said, we do not want to be unappreciative squatters. The reason we are welcomed to venues for this event is because it makes the owners money. If you want to see this event continue, please buy some beers, cocktails, or sodas to support the venue. At Myth and Moonshine you can also buy snacks or dinner. If you would like to support the event directly, you can also buy a beer koozie or make a donation to help cover costs.

How do I get there/where should I park?

The Windup Space: The Windup Space is convenient to the 3, 11, 27, 36, 61 and 64 bus lines, as well as the North Avenue or Penn Station light rail stops. There are several bike racks out front if you prefer to pedal your way over. If you are driving, do not park in any of the area parking lots — they are not public. Street parking, however, is abundant. If you’re lucky you can find a spot right out front on North Ave. Otherwise, there are usually spots on both Maryland Ave. and Charles St., north of North Ave. North Ave and Maryland Ave have meters that stop at 6.

Myth and Moonshine: Myth and Moonshine is convenient to the 7, 10, and 31 bus lines. If you are driving there is both metered and unmetered parking on the surrounding streets.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?

The Windup Space: Yes, the Windup Space is wheelchair accessible. It is a ground floor bar with a ramp to get inside.

Myth and Moonshine: Unfortunately these events are not wheelchair accessible. The event is in the second floor bar up the stairs from the main bar.

Is this kid/family-friendly?

A few folks have brought their kids before and had a wonderful time! In fact, most of the Cheap Ass Prizes are the kinds of things kids love — little toys and candy. That said, this is a bar, and the main age group represented is 25-40 or so. You can bring your kids, but people will be drinking, cursing, etc. In short, children are welcome but parents should be aware of the general atmosphere.

Is there food?

The Windup Space: Unfortunately, the Windup Space does not serve food. You can bring outside food in or order food to be delivered while you’re there. A number of restaurants in the vicinity will also deliver. It’s generally better to do this earlier rather than later, as tables fill up pretty quickly. Please remember that while you are allowed to bring food in, we ask that you do not bring your own drinks as you can buy sodas from the bar if you would like.

Myth and Moonshine: Yes! There is a happy hour beer, bourbon and burger menu for us, along with a nice selection of appetizers and desserts. With some exceptions, we can also order food from the main downstairs bar. You can check the current menu at bmoreshine.com.

Can/should I bring my own games?

Sure! We have a selection from these games available for free play, but you are welcome to bring your own. Keep in mind that while we hope everyone is being respectful of others’ property, sometimes accidents happen. If you’re concerned, keep your games with you.

I spilled a beer on a game!

It happens! It sucks, but it happens. First, obviously do your best to immediately pick up and dry the game components to avoid damage, then clean up the table/floor. If there is broken glass, please inform the bar. Once that’s all sorted, please find me and let me know — if it’s not my game I will make an announcement to identify the owner. If you can afford and are inclined to do so, it would be very kind to offer some cash to the owner of the game.

Someone spilled a beer on/lost a part to my game!

I’m sorry! Check with the publisher of your game to see if they will send you replacement parts. I’ve personally had good experiences with Atlas Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Rio Grande Games, and Ravensburger. If not, try Board Game Geek — often players there will trade or sell spare parts. If the game is not salvageable, you can of course ask the offender if they’d be willing to compensate you.

I love this event! How can I support it?

Thanks! Here are some ways you can support the event!