Brews and Board Games is a board game event at the Windup Space in Station North and Myth and Moonshine in Canton. As you might suspect, the main activities involve drinking brews and playing board games. Whether you are a casual gamer up for a few rounds of Boggle or you’re ready to throw down some serious business in Power Grid, everyone is welcome. Bring some friends to play with, or make new friends when you get there — we’re nice!

A collection of games both classic and contemporary are provided — head up to the stage to peruse the selection. Many folks also bring their own games to play, so feel free to do that. If you’d like to let others play your games, toss it up on the stage with the others (but it might be a good idea to label it with your name). If you’d prefer others not play your games, keep them with you. Please also remember that if you are playing a game that does not belong to you, it belongs to someone else. Treat it with respect, put it away correctly, and if something disastrous happens, let Martine know.

Aside from the drinking and gaming there are PRIZES. If you win a game, find Martine and let her know. You could win things ranging from shitty to awesome, that is:

Some months, we also have a Featured Game. If you want to play games at various stages in the design process from local designers (or you ARE a local designer), this is your jam. You may have the designer play-testing with you. They may ask you to do a blind play-test. You might play a completed prototype, ready for their Kickstarter to launch. Or they may have a freshly published game that they want to share.

Brews and Board Games is intended to be a safe and fun board game night for all gamers. Sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny and any other abuse is not tolerated.